What We Do

We help executives and project leads drive user adoption, by implementing the proven strategies of change science via a 3-pronged approach:


User adoption strategy, education and program design


User adoption execution leveraging best practices of organizational change management, communication, psychology and related studies


Ongoing communication and support to improve productivity and software ROI

D.R.I.V.E. is a customized program that integrates best practices based on the science of change:

  • Increases technology investment ROI
  • Avoids user confusion and resistance
  • Advances user motivation and adoption
  • Streamlines communication
  • Kickstarts implementation and productivity
  • Maps a 90-day user process success plan

Tabetha Sheaver, CEO of Plus Delta 314, has directed hundreds of technology change initiatives, and developed practical and innovative methods for motivating users, overcoming resistance and driving usage to improve software ROI.