Here is what just a few happy clients have to say about their experience working with Tabetha and Plus Delta 314:

Martin Meyers, CEO, PE Partners

Project Management Lead, TricorBraun

Most IT personnel and consultants have a firm understanding of the technology. Face it, each organization struggles with organizational change and adoption of new systems. This is normally the elephant in the room.

What Tabetha provides is a deep understanding of what is going on from a psychology standpoint. I have seen the different stages of an implementation over my career but never thought through those stages. She helped me determine the best way to communicate to people going through these stages.

She is able to help understand where I was at and how to move to that next level of success. I thought of all of the reasons of why not instead of the reason of how I could. I sat back and waited for others to do rather than taking the lead. Instead of I can’t, I will. She helped uncovered a confidence that I have been lacking.

Tabetha, I can’t thank you enough. I feel like you have helped me beyond words get better. I still struggle and have been trying to change my words/mindset on things.

Business IT Manager, Trouw Nutrition

It is always a lucky moment when I deep dive trying to find the truth… and the right path for success… Attending a WIIFM session with Tabetha is one of these moments.