Spinning plates? Confident consultants focus

As a consultant you will likely have many spinning plates.

If you feel overwhelmed list out all of your projects or “to dos” and then break them into smaller subtasks.

Pick 1 sub task you can complete quickly and do it!

Take action and then acknowledge the win of the completion… it will motivate you to keep tackling all of your “to dos” one by one.

The goal is to just focus on the 1 item without getting overwhelmed and going into a tailspin about how many other things there are to do.

Want a deeper dive: Read David Allen’s, “Get Things Done” then take this McGhee Productivity Training.

This training shows you how to set your Outlook to leverage tasks to organize your calendar. The coolest thing is- if you have Dynamics 365 CRM – Outlook, CRM and One Note all integrate so you can keep track of all the information about your tasks, schedules, and how it relates to your accounts.

If you are an avid user of OneNote use this quick tip to get even greater productivity:

  1. Make a list of To Do items in OneNote
  2. Highlight right click “Set Flag” and select the date you want to follow up- they should now show up in your task list.
  3. If you are using CRM and you have Set Regarding chosen, you can see the Activity related to that opportunity or record.

No more spinning plates- now each day you can see what the “must do” tasks are and anything you don’t get done automatically moves to the next day!

Spend less time worrying if you are forgetting to do something and you will be a much more confident consultant!

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