Thanks for following in my journey. I now know what my purpose is! Yeah!

My purpose is to use my creativity and passion for growth to teach, inspire, and support others to navigate change in an empowering way, for the glory of God. 

For years I’ve been denying my calling, believing I had nothing original to say… after all, everything I know came from another teacher or a book. Until I read Jack Canfields The Success Principles and realized none of the info he teaches is his. He took lots of information from lots of different sources and distilled it down to common truths. He then connects multiple people’s theories and studies together and gives you actionable ways to proceed in your life based on those guiding principles.

I write EVERYDAY and I write a lot but up till now it’s all just been “for me”. However, everytime I have conversations with my friends I am telling them about the different things I’ve read or principles I’ve learned and applied to my life. Finally the light went off… in order to worship God I have to be obedient. I have to share the gifts he’s given me. My ability to take large amounts of information, distill it down and apply it at just the right time for each person is the way God made me. Hallelujah! How often are we going around trying to be what other people are? It’s time to be me! It’s time to share all the gloriousness with which God created me with, with others!!

And so it begins….

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