Thank you God

Dear Lord,
Praise be to you! Glory be to you! Thank you so very much for the incredible point I am at in my life. You put me through trials so I could start to see all the blessing you have bestowed upon me. It was a leap of faith but I handed my life over to you and you opened just the right door at the right time. I have never felt closer to you or spent so much time praying because I long to be near you. You continue to work in my family’s life and I continue to be amazed. May I share this joy and healing with others so they too may come to know your Glory. The more I trust in you the easier things become. The more I think about how you view me the less I think about how others view me. I am amazed at your power and ashamed that I don’t always trust as deeply or fully as I should. May your will be done, use me as only you know best!

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