Prayer to keep God as the center

Man has God provided since I quit and took this other job even though I am making less money I haven’t had to pull out of my savings at all. I am happier. I am losing weight and my spiritual life is healthy. I find myself somewhat missing the drama though…. Almost like an addict. When I stop and assess what I am craving or missing its easy to pinpoint. It’s that broken piece of the world that makes me believe I want to be my own god. Isn’t that what society and media smashes into our brains everyday from the time we are toddlers on?I find myself wanting to be served and loved and worshipped and I know that’s not what Jesus modeled and not what I am supposed to do so here goes my prayer: Lord please help me to do your will, to keep you as the center, to serve others, and love unconditionally.

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