Prayer for guidance

So our church doesn’t believe in infant baptisms, which Biblically I completely understand and agree with… But I grew up with a Lutheran grandmother who does believe in infant Baptisms.
My church does do children dedications, where the parents pledge to raise their children to know Jesus Christ but ultimately the child decides if/when to be Baptized and accept Christ as their Savior. So there is a dedication ceremony coming up an I want to dedicate my children. I think it would be a good step for me, my kids and the for extended family (like great grandma) to know the kids are living a faith based upbringing. However my husband is still exploring his understanding of “faith” so he is ok if I dedicate that I will raise the kids with Jesus and he is supportive in praying at home, talking about Jesus, reading the Bible etc. he just isn’t ready to publicly declare 100% his faith so he feels its hypocritical for him to be involved in the ceremony. I feel Biblically he should be the leader of the household and needs to be a strong leader in order for the kids to truly be raised with strong faith. I also feel the kids are part of what is helping him understand and learn the Bible. So Lord I hand this over to you. Please guide me, my husband, my pastor, my family to do whatever your will is. I would like my husband to come to know and accept you as his Savior and my kids too! Should I dedicate the children by myself, with my husband, or table situation and wait till he has come to know you before dedicating them. May Your will be done. Amen.

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