Not just when I'm down…

Today is smooth so far… No overwhelming head chatter, anger, frustration…. Probably because I’m not interacting with any of the EGr’s (extra grace required)people in my life so far today but its really important to me not to just pray when I’m frustrated or down so:
Heavenly Father, thank you for a day of rest from the negative self talk. Thank you for bringing the book “the power of a praying wife” and the time to read it. It is transforming my life and helping me grow closer to you. Please tear down the barriers in communication styles in my life. Help me to keep you as the focus rather than my own desires. Help me to see the EGR people in my life through your eyes. Help me have Your heart for them oh Lord! Thank you for blessing me with a coworker that is open to conversation about the gospel and discussions about what the gospel actually calls us to do. Forgive me for the hypocrisy with which I live my life. I long to grow closer to you. Amen.

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