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To move someone to move you have to understand their motivators.

I lead my team by telling them to do what they love. If they aren’t loving their jobs then we work to define what they love and find ways to fit the needs of the individual and the company. I used to believe you couldn’t make money doing what you loved. Well that is a total and utter lie! I like to talk to people. I thought, “Who would pay me to talk?” and then someone pointed out Oprah gets paid to talk, speakers get paid to talk, counselors get paid to talk. Wow! My world opened up!

So Thursday and Friday, I am going to CRMUG to talk! I get to talk about one of my favorite subjects- motivation.

In my presentation WIIFM What’s in it for me? I will share the change curve and as BONUS material we will cover a little excersise to start us down the path of using nuerolinguistic programming. For those of you that attended the session… here are the 5 motivators.

There are 5 motivators:

Status: Motivated by accomplishment and perception. Stack ranks and compares.

Certainty: either I am #1 or pointing the finger to blame someone else. Certainy moves a person towards comfort and safety.

Autonomy: Power & Control

Relationships: People motivated by relationships ask questions such as, how are others going to benefit?

Justice & Fairness: These people want to make sure things are just and fair and we are keeping our agreements. “Pinky promise!”

Everyone has a primary and a secondary motivator…. next time you make a decision tap in and see if you can pinpoint which need you were feeling or where your motivation was coming from.

When you can start to recognize this in your own life, then you can start to harness this to understand where others are coming from and in turn craft communications and change programs to move them towards their primary motivator.

I wonder what you will discover today?