Make peace with God and make peace with yourself

Because in the end there’s nobody else.

This world is so wrapped up in impressing the Jones, and its all about me me me me me. Could you imagine this world if we only made peace with God and made peace with ourselves?

I have a story called “you are special” I read to my son where these small wooden people go around giving each other dots and stars and the wooden people define themselves by how many dots (bad) or stars (good) that other wooden people have given them. There is one guy with lots of dots who starts to believe he is bad because he has a lot of dots. Until he meets a wooden girl who dots and stars don’t stick to. They don’t stick because she doesn’t care what other wooden people think… Only what her creator thinks. She goes to see her creator everyday and he helps remind her that its his opinion that matters. So I challenge you to spend time in the Bible everyday and see if your dots and stars don’t start falling off because in the end all that matters is that you’ve made peace with God and peace with yourself. Amen!

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