Hold on to the One who's holding you…

There are 2 lines from songs that just absolutely spoke to me this morning:

How can I further your kingdom when I’m so wrapped up in mine?


If you can hold onto the one who’s holding you this crazy love will break through.

I have been trying to figure out how I can do things… How I can love deeper, be more compassionate, more caring, more Christ like and it dawned on me it’s not me planning my life or me not doing enough or not doing it right. It’s that I keep focusing on my small story and I keep trying to be the author of my own story. When the Bible is really about the bigger story. All throughout the Bible we see stories of men wrapped up in their own kingdom- trying to do what they think they are supposed to do (ie Abraham). Instead I need to hold on to the one who’s holding me and then, and only then, will this crazy love flow through me. It will be the love of the Holy Spirit not the love of a person wrapped up in their own daily stuff. So God, I trust you. I will intentionally focus in expanding your kingdom rather than being wrapped up in my own. I will let your love for me flow through me rather than trying to be the author of my own story. Remind me, guide me, give me strength to accomplish these tasks because without you I am broken and weak but with you all things are possible! Amen!

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