Growth through suffering

I must start off by saying I haven’t really experienced suffering in my life. Not the kind of suffering ranked up there with cancer, the death of a young child or even a hardship such as being homeless. My “suffering” could hardly be considered much worse than a slightly irritating sunburn, which shortly after its gone you forget about it but I have been struggling with a few work relationships which really caused me to take notice when we started studying exodus.
The hardships people faced, the difficulties they were presented with, the patience it must have taken to endure; it reminds me every trial and tribulation is Gods plan for helping me grow so I am just the person he needs me to be to fulfill his plan. I must also note- this lovey fluffy version of Gods plan- is not what I am talking about. As I read the Bible it is clear to me that most people never fully saw the full impact of their piece in the overall story. I pray that my impact, whether it is fully made known to me or not, fits into the story for the glory of God. I pray that I can let go of my selfish ways, my need for control. I hand over these struggles to you O Lord for worry will not add a day to my life. Help me to see things through your eyes. Remind me you have already rescued your people and you will rescue me from my sinful nature too. In your name I pray and thank you for this glorious day! Amen.

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