God will provide

This weekend we had a garage sale to raise money for our mission trip to Haiti at the end of July. About 10 families donated stuff and my garage was packed to the brim. I really didn’t want to price it all and the thought just kept coming to me that God will provide. I asked some other people what they thought about just doing it as donations only. I had prayed and prayed and went back and forth with the fact that we could really make nothing if a few people choose to take advantage Of the effort. Now at this same time I’m reading Radical which talks about worldly wealth and how much we have. Now I will be the first to admit “stuff” is my ‘other God’. I am really attached to my stuff. My whole life I’ve known that your stuff defines you. How much you have, how expensive it is, how nice you keep it etc. so these 2 notions of sacrificing so it hurts and God will provide coming down on my “stuff” was a hard pill to swallow. I decided it was time for a leap of faith. I priced nothing. I prepared my shpeal and at 6:50 am my first customer heard “Good morning. You will notice nothing here is prices that is because everything here is 100% donation based. We are sending 10 people to Haiti in July for a mission trip. If there is anything you need or would like please take it and anything you can donate to the trip would be greatly appreciated. ” The lady looks around and says will you take $10 for these 4 items I said “it’s all donation based so feel free to give whatever you can or would like”. She proceeds to say “Ok well I’ll take this and that and this and this too.” Now she has at least $300 worth of stuff and my chest is tightening and she says “if its ok ill take that too.” I gritted my teeth and said to myself, “God I have to hand this to you. Take away this anxiety and anger and need to control the situation. It’s just stuff”, and then it hit me. This stuff was going to bless her and she was talking about giving some things to other people so this stuff was going to bless them too. I thanked God that he was able to use all that he had blessed me with to bless others. And then she said “Oh here let me give you some more money”. She picked out a couple more things and gave me more money then a couple more little things and she gave me more money. It was immediately evident to me why God put me through that and the rest of the day was a breeze and a success! Not only did we bless others with our stuff, we glorified God, got to share with the community that there is a church in Eureka that is on mission, and made some money to help “go and make disciples of all nations”(Matthew 28:19). All in all a most glorious weekend! Praise be to Jesus! Amen.

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