Generational Differences change Change

By 2020 there will be 5 generations in the workforce.

What are you doing to cater to their motivators?

Understanding different generations is critical to use adoption AND critical to the successful development of the project team that will lead the initiative.

Traditionalist and baby boomers are staying in the workforce longer. Millennials are surpassing the baby boomers in becoming the most influential generation and Gen X is being overshadowed. Regardless of which cohort you fall in, you will have to lead, manage, motivate, and work with one of the following.

Therefore it is important you understand:

  1. What created their mindset
  2. What motivates and
  3. How to keep them engaged

All people generally are motivated by 1 of 5 motivators however the historical  experiences and social values vary by generation.

Generational what they want from work

Once you adjust your user adoption approach to help them get their needs, wants and desires met you will need to keep them engaged. Generally, it is simple enough to get people to take the 1st step in a change initiative. The challenge comes in moving them through the change process as quickly as possible. In order to do that you must consider how to keep them engaged.

Generational how to keep them engaged

As you identify the super users on your project, you should also take into consideration the generational differences to make sure you have a well rounded implementation team.

The  information and images in this blog are from a presentation I attended at SIUE’s PM Symposium. These slides were developed by:

  • Denise Harrison, Consultant, MBA NPDP PMP
  • Kelsey Assel, CAPM MBA-PM Candidate
  • Tammy Lilly, Consultant – Slalom Consulting

Happy Changing!

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