Fits of wrath

Reading “The power of the praying wife” and there are so many things in this book I never recognized as sins. One of the most convicting for me is my words… Fits of wrath and anger spewed out, with the excuse “I am just venting” as a justification…. But that’s not what the gospel calls for. It calls for love, kindness, patience, acceptance understanding.

Christ please help me to have your mind. To see people with your eyes. To help me love them and not judge or condemn them. Help squelch the urges to vent. Help remove these negative angry thoughts from my mind and replace them with loving, kind, compassionate hopes for my enemies… Including the guy going 5 under in the fast lane. Lol. Let my fits of wrath be converted to fits of love, hope, possibilities, and wishes of greatness for others each day. Amen

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