Feeling lost

So I haven’t written in a couple of days…. Not because I haven’t been praying but because I’ve been feeling pretty negative and I didn’t want to create more negativity by writing about it. I am feeling so lost. I know what I “should” do but the worlds “should’s” aren’t lining up with what’s really important to me. I’ve been praying… Hard! Praying for guidance, direction, patience… And I know what I have to do. It pains me cause I’m so close to the American dreams definition of success but I am going to forgo it for a life lead by love and compassion for others. I don’t know what this looks like but I know The Lord will make my path as he sees fit. I am changing so much and it’s so scary for me and my husband. I have been a conduit for him to see the changing effect the Holy Spirit can have on a person and I think it’s starting to slowly seep into his life too…. Which I’ve been praying for a lot also. Even though I feel lost- it’s my worldly control that is the feeling- I feel closer to God than I ever have in my life.

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