Eye on the prize

Today I am really frustrated. Ive been spending time in the Bible everyday and I keep being shown all the ways I am called to live and love. And because of my sinfulness I know I can’t do it but I want to. I want to be more Christ like, so when my instinct is to be hateful, judgement and angry I have to stop myself and pray to God for forgiveness and the strength to make the right choice and to treat others as I want to be treated.

Life used to be so easy, everything revolved around me, what I wanted, how I felt, now my life revolves around the one true King. I know I am sinner and I know Jesus died to cover my sins but I still strive everyday to be the best Christian I can be so others may come to know the love of Jesus Christ too! I need to remember the end goal is more important than my trivial frustration. Lord help me keep my eyes on the prize- you and your eternal glory. Amen!

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