Assisting Leaders to successfully implement changes on time and on budget.

Our experts lead a smoother change that result in:

Motivating users, overcoming resistance and driving usage

Higher user adoption rates

Increased productivity and performance

Higher return on your investment

Certified in Change Management (CCMP®) & Project Management (PMP®)

20 Years Experience in project management and implementing positive change

Microsoft User Adopt Certified With Technical Expertise in Microsoft Dynamics 365

Deep understanding in employee psychology and change management

Are you frustrated or struggling during changes in your business?

When it comes to changes in organizations, most business owners and leaders...

Don't have time to implement the change effectively

Don't fully understand how to manage a major transformation

Feel overwhelmed by trying to manage a significant change while still maintaining day-to-day roles

Have all the skills needed to maintain infrastructure, but were never trained to implement changes

Have tried and failed or stalled change projects and receiving backlash from your bosses

Struggle because technology is typically only 60% effective due to low user adoption

Learn How Our Change Management Experts Can Execute Your Plan To:

Ensure Intended Impact

Ensure the intended impact and counter "change fatigue" by developing training and communication strategies.

Save Time and Money

We will save your time and money, by empowering your employees with the tools and knowledge they need to transition effortlessly.

Increase Efficiency

Have clearly definable and attainable steps so that change can be clearly communicated and executed.

Increase Success

Have a higher user adoption rate so that the tools intended to increase productivity actually work.

Our Proven Process

We follow the ACMP Standard for Change Management

When you work with us, we utilize the following steps to guide your project to success:

Step 01

Benefits Realization, Definition, and Alignment

Step 02

Stakeholder Assessment and Role Definition

Step 03

Process Definition and Alignment

Step 04


Step 05


Step 06


Step 07

Continuous Improvement and Ongoing Support

We augment your team with the following skills:

Executive Alignment    


Decision Making


Communications - Writing / Designing

Mediating / Conflict Resolution

Project Management   

Event Management / Coordination


and more...

Why Plus Delta 314

Often, small organizations can't afford a full-time change manager.

Larger organizations can afford one, but it is rare to find one person with all skills needed to manage changes effectively.

This is why we created Plus Delta 314.

With our team's combined skills, we make an effective & efficient addition to your team.

Don't believe us? Hear from our past clients!

"Plus Delta 314's Founder can be placed in the middle of any team and instantly add value. They are quick to organize people around the right things and asks the hard questions the right way at the right times. I'd recommend them to help you lead any program or project that you consider to be critical to your success."

Nick Spalitta,

Paritta Group

"We had great ideas, but we needed someone to help clarify our thinking. Plus Delta 314 really helped with that, essentially gave us that clarity we needed to become effective and efficient, and made everything that we were really doing better. Working with Plus Delta 314 has been the catalyst to get us moving in the right direction with the product, getting it to a point where we can start to see some results."

Martin Meyers,


Make Your Change a Success

Uncover your breakpoints and find out how we help implement changes on time and on budget.

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