User Adoption KPI’s – What should I be measuring and how frequently?

graphic overlay of KPIs and finger pointing to a chart

Organizational change management and user adoption efforts often focus on the “softer” items, like effective training and motivating people. But statistics have shown, the best organizational change management programs do both but put an emphasis on measurable Key Performance Indicators. First always set your Business Objective KPIs Revenue increase Cost reduction # of errors/returns support Calls- #, frequency,…

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Common KPI and Benchmarking Mistakes – What are you measuring in your user adoption effort?

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In a previous blog we discussed the benefits of benchmarking and I outlined a 10 step process with step 1 being: select the product, process, or service to be benchmarked. Simple right? But in consulting engagements whenever we are trying to establish the key metrics we will use to judge and measure user adoption things get quite a bit more complex. (If…

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User Adoption – Benchmarking

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There are a lot of articles about user adoption and almost all of them will tell you being clear on the business objective you are trying to achieve, communicating well and often and having executive leadership buy in are the ingredients for success. I agree but we all know what is measured, is what gets improved so…

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Change Overwhelm

man with his arms in the air in front of a chalk board that says this is too much

How many of you want to drive change at your organization but then just get completely overwhelmed? There is so much data these days, over 5,000 books on Amazon about change management, it’s all a little overwhelming. With today’s access to so much information the amount of time it takes to read, digest, and synthesize it…

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To move someone to move you have to understand their motivators. I lead my team by telling them to do what they love. If they aren’t loving their jobs then we work to define what they love and find ways to fit the needs of the individual and the company. I used to believe you…

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