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Jesus Shaped Change: Part 3

In Part One and Part Two of this article, I discussed organizational change and the Biblical examples of the methods Jesus applied in leading change in the world and how we as business leaders can apply them to the change initiatives we are sometimes called to lead. So far, we’ve covered People, Messaging, and Timing.…
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Jesus Shaped Change: Part 2

In Part One of this article, I discussed the beginnings of my thoughts on change and the way Jesus changed hearts and minds and how we, as business leaders, can follow His example in leading organizational change. I identified the five areas you need to address when leading through any change—People, Messaging, Timing, Resistance, and…
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Jesus Shaped Change

Jesus-Shaped Change “People change what they do less because they are given an analysis that shifts their thinking but because they are shown a truth that influences their feelings.” — John P. Kotter, Dan S. CohenThe Heart of Change: Real-Life Stories of How People Change Their Organizations When I read that quote, one thought came…
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It’s Not Real If You Don’t Write It Down

First off, let’s get one idea clear: Your organization needs documentation – even if you’re using Agile Methodology for your development. It’s a fallacy that using Agile means you don’t write documentation. Agile seeks to minimize waste, yes. But it’s misguided to eliminate documentation altogether. Rather, you should be creating records of what you’ve done—decisions…
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Drama-Free Workplace: Part 2

Drama-Free Workplace — Part 2

Livin’ the Dream: A Drama-Free Workplace Part 2: But I Have Good News—Structure Can Fix Your Drama (People) Problem In Part 1, I discussed how drama and conflict in the workplace are usually caused by personality clashes. We talked about identifying personalities and motivations, and how understanding them can help you target the actual issues…
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Drama Free Workplace — Part 1

Livin’ the Dream: A Drama-Free Workplace Part 1: I Hate to Tell You, But It’s Your People Do you dream of a drama-free workplace? One without personality conflicts? Or emotional turmoil? Experience has convinced me that all workplace issues are usually people issues. And it doesn’t matter what industry or what problem—if you’re experiencing a…
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Time: Your Most Precious Resource—Are You Spending It the Way You Want or Just Staying Busy?

Your Most Precious Resource—Are You Spending It the Way You Want or Just Staying Busy? When asked “How are you?” do you reply “Busy”? Is busy-ness a symbol of your importance? Is it a badge of honor you wear and shine to impress others? Let me ask you this: How many times in the last…
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You Don’t Have to Have All the Answers (Isn’t That a Relief?)

So many leaders get bombarded with questions and then feel like they have to have all the answers—and when they don’t, they either become anxious or spend a ton of time trying to fish answers out of the people they think should know. Sound familiar? While working on my Master’s in Design Thinking Certification from…
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When to measure user adoption?

You have diligently planned your project, you’ve thought about your internal marketing strategy and developed a communications plan, you’ve established your KPI’s of success, now what? If you are like most organizations you Go-Live! You already determined in your plan you are going to do a survey or you have a set date and time…
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Super Users- When, Who, What

We all know people are what make a project successful, so what todays blog attempts to address is how to pick good people and how to set them up for success. In my training classes I recommend putting a super user from each department on the project team. I am almost always immediately asked these 3…
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