Creating an Adoption Strategy


Duration: Full-day
Format: Conference keynote, breakout session or online learning format


With staggering reports of change management project failures, adoption is almost always a key performance indicator but how do you as a leader drive success? In this workshop, we will walk through an Organizational Change management work stream so you can estimate level of effort required to gain adoption, budget accordingly and identify risks, as well as put together a risk mitigation strategy. This workshop will cover identifying roles, responsibilities, deliverables, and tasks for the project plan. We will also perform a Culture & Change readiness assessment.

Specifically, we will develop:

  • A project plan customized for the Organizational Change Management work stream of your project
  • An assessment to determine what organizational culture risk factors are present in your company and strategies for how to mitigate these risks
  • Discuss common pitfalls and avenues for gaining executive and leadership buy in
  • Approaches to training and the pros / cons of each approach based on your organizational culture
  • Lay the foundation of a communication plan that will drive adoption across all levels of the organization

Workshop Participants will walk away with an adoption strategy customized for their unique organization and project, and  templates to begin executing the work stream.