Plus Delta stands for Positive Change. 314 stands for 3 nails, 1 cross, 4 you. This name was designed specifically to drive users toward exactly what they are trying to accomplish – positive change. The 314 pays homage to the glorification of the one who gives us the power to accomplish the change.

You don’t have to be a Christian to use our services, but we will live our lives and operate our business on the scriptural tenants found in the Bible.

Our goal is to live our lives for the Glory of God and if you see something unique in who we are, or how we do business, and want to know why and how we are different, we will tell you the story of the gospel.


Tabetha is the creator of the Plus Delta 314 User Adoption methodology and workshops.

After years of consulting and coaching individuals and companies on how to implement CRM, her passion for understanding the “why” lead her to a deep study of psychology and alternative methods of driving change, such as neurolinguistics programming. Combining “self-help” change theories with real-world business challenges, she has helped hundreds of users feel empowered in their business and personal lives.

She leads a CRM practice specializing in the execution of well designed, industry-specific solutions using CRM; but, in her spare time, follows her passion of inspiring positive change and driving user adoption.

Tabetha holds a Project Management Professional certification and is a member of the International Federation of Coaches, as well as a leader of the local CRM user group community in St. Louis, Missouri. She is a much sought-after workshop leader, drawing on her personal experience from working directly on hundreds of CRM and technology change initiatives.

As a coach, she has delivered practical yet innovative tips on how to motivate and identify barriers to change. Having experienced many of the pitfalls that most CRM project teams experience, she is able to proactively communicate what to expect to assist people in mitigating risk and prepare their people for the change. Tabetha also frequently speaks at corporate events and at leading industry conferences such as CRMUG Summit.

For more information please go to Tabetha’s LinkedIn Profile.

Copy of Tabetha Sheaver Headshot

Tabetha Sheaver

User Adoption and Change Advocate


Patrick Dorsey has spent his career as a professional business writer helping people and businesses tell their stories.

He’s been called “the best tech writer that I have found in the St. Louis market” and his work speaks for itself: upon award of a contract worth $1.5 billion in business in just its first year, the state making the award commented that the proposal he wrote was “so well written we couldn’t not give you the business.”

He applies his twenty-plus years of skill and experience as a business and technical communicator to every project he takes on. As a contributor and manager, he has produced materials for large and small companies across a range of diverse industries that include IT, health care, insurance, utilities, manufacturing, and government. He has developed formidable interviewing skills that enable him to quickly understand not just the information a client wants to get across, but also to grasp why they need to get it across—in other words, their story—and deliver anything from technical and training materials to web content, blogging, and proposals.

Patrick Dorsey is also a published author with two Amazon bestsellers as well as his book on RFPs and proposals, Write the Winning Proposal.

Pat Dorsey Headshot

Patrick Dorsey

Technical Writer


Jaclyn Tripp is a Communication Strategist who creates engaging social media and advertising content and manages the execution of projects.

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Entertainment Management from Missouri State University, and over 10 years of experience being creative and connecting with people, she has helped hundreds of clients’ projects succeed.

Jaclyn believes that the keys to success in any project are good communication, transparency, and genuineness.

She is also a Black Belt in Taekwondo, a Gold Medalist Figure Skater, an avid crafter and cannot live without donuts.

Jaclyn Tripp Headshot

Jaclyn Tripp

Communication Strategist


Working with organizations to understand and manage the impact of technology changes on their business users is a passion for Lee.

Lee Forte is a business consultant determined to deliver software technology changes that streamline business operations, improve profitability, and boost user satisfaction and adoption.  She has achieved multiple certifications from Microsoft, including being awarded the Microsoft Implementation Specialist certification.  Lee has over 15 years of experience working with companies based in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia.  She is grateful her experiences allowed her to make connections with individuals all over the globe and uniquely positioned her to help lead global organizations in their change efforts.  Lee’s projects for the last 10 years have primarily focused on the implementation and upgrade of Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM versions and their related add-on tools.

She is experienced in working with stakeholders and end-users to gather requirements, deliver detailed process maps, provide requirements documentation, and define functional design solutions and believes in following proven change management frameworks to drive consistent results.

Lee finds it rewarding to see the positive impact on user acceptance and adoption that can be gained through effectively managed communication, training materials, training delivery, and post go-live support.

For more information about Lee’s skills and experience, please go to her LinkedIn Profile.

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Lee Forte

Success Manager


Mike Busby has over 30 years of experience with integrations, IVR, CTI, and CRM.  With over 18 years in CRM as a developer, architect, project manager, and delivery manager. The last 12+ years working with Microsoft Dynamics.  Mike has been an advocate for Microsoft Dynamics CRM as a development platform for many years and how it can be utilized within an entire organization.  He also works with sales as a solution architect working with the organizations to envision modern solutions.

Mike brings deep technical experience of Dynamics, integrations, and complex business systems and processes to design and deliver a modern solution for an organization.  He is able to envision what the organization is looking for and then develop a solution that delivers the vision.  He starts with people, businesses, and processes, then looks at the technology on how to deliver that vision.

For more information about Mike's skills and experience, please go to his LinkedIn Profile.

Mike Busby Head Shot

Mike Busby

Success Manager