A Different Perspective

I’ve been called smart.

Many times, recently. And the truth of the matter is, I don’t think I’m that smart. The thing that I do that’s different than a lot of other people, or what I perceive as why people think of me as smart, is that I tend to look at things from different angles.

You see, I truly believe that anything is possible and there is nothing that I can’t do. If there is a block, I just have to find a different way to work around it.

So, some examples:

My husband is getting ready to start a business, and he couldn’t figure out, from a pricing perspective, how he could afford to lease the 15000 square feet building that he needed for his facility. And I realized as I was driving that he was just looking in the wrong area. So just by simply shifting my location, I shifted my thinking and, in turn, we found a good option.

I also have been recording change management content and was ready to take it to the next level and get professional production done. However, the budget was too expensive, so I proposed various options that could be traded for – profit sharing or a ‘value add’ service to supplement the service of the video production company.

The thing I’m trying to convey here is that whenever it seems like something can’t be done, it probably can be done, it’s just you’re not looking at the right angle. I like to think of it as like when you drop a pill on the floor and you look, and you look, and you can’t find it. But then you lie down on the floor and then you can see the pill because it’s so obvious. It’s that different shifting, that [changed] perspective. So as you are consulting, if something seems difficult or seems impossible, put yourself in a different state of mind or a different frame of reference and the possibilities that you come up with will be amazing.

One way that I put myself in different frames of references are to go to a different location. So, if I continue to be stuck when I’m sitting at my desk, sometimes I find that going and sitting on the back deck helps or getting up and going to the library sometimes just shifts my perspective.

The other thing that helps sometimes is that I try on different personalities. So, I think about what would I do if I was way older or if I was younger? What would be my perspective if I was in somebody else’s shoes? Changing your personality or your identity and looking at it from a different perspective can often give you different takes on the situation.

This concept of taking a look at things from different perspectives is incredibly important in the change management world because most often the reason people aren’t using the system is because we haven’t looked at it from their point of view. So, put yourself in their shoes.

What is it that they are having to do every day? What is it their ice cream moment – those moments when they come home from work and they just sit down with a pint of ice cream and they complain to their spouse. Those are the moments that you emotionally want to connect with and solve their pain in those areas connected to them. Find where their emotion is and you will easily be able to change their behavior.

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