Make Your Post-Acquisition Integration a Success

Learn How Our Experts Can Guide You Through:

Organizational Transitions

Roadmap creation with detailed planning of executables & deliverables

Communication planning, tools and techniques to help facilitate the transition

Certified in Change Management (CCMP®) & Project Management (PMP®)

20 Years Experience in project management and implementing positive change

Deep understanding in employee psychology and change management

We Create A Post-Acquisition Strategy Customized For Your Business

Step 01

Benefits Realization, Definition, and Alignment

Step 02

Stakeholder Assessment and Role Definition

Step 03

Process Definition and Alignment

Step 04


Step 05


Step 06


Step 07

Continuous Improvement and Ongoing Support

Learn How Our Acquisition Experts Can Execute Your Plan To:

Ensure Intended Impact

Participate in facilitated sessions to discuss what a successful transition of power and integration of the new culture looks like so that well thought out communication and training strategies can be executed.

Save Time and Money

We develop a plan for integration before closing so that you can be off and running on day one. You will have a coach that works with you weekly so that you don't make costly mistakes.

Increase Success

Ongoing monthly engagement to identify opportunities and create attainable steps for ongoing improvements to increase your success over time.

Increase Efficiency

Develop a clear project road map so that you have a clear understanding of managers and employees responsibilities after closing, and what you as the owner need to do so that everyone is set up for success.

What Our Clients Say

"We had great ideas, but we needed someone to help clarify our thinking. PlusDelta really helped with that, essentially gave us that clarity we needed to become effective and efficient, "and made everything that we were really doing better. Working with PlusDelta has been the catalyst to get us moving in the right direction with the product, getting it to a point where we can start to see some results."

Martin Meyers,

CEO, Trelus

"What Tabetha provides is a deep understanding of what is going on from a psychology standpoint. I have seen the different stages of an implementation over my career but never thought through those stages. She helped me determine the best way to communicate to people going through these stages. She is able to help understand where I was at and how to move to that next level of success. I thought of all of the reasons of why not instead of the reason of how I could. I sat back and waited for others to do rather than taking the lead. Instead of I can’t, I will. She helped uncovered a confidence that I have been lacking."

Ted Sanders,

Former Project Management Lead, TricorBraun

"This service is ingenious. In my 15 years as a broker I have never had anyone provide a service such as this, it is just what buyers need. The buyer in every deal wants insurance and someone who is experienced to walk along side of them as they navigate this major transition to help ensure they are getting the value out of their investment. Big PE firms have whole teams that focus on this, but until Tabetha and her team there hasn't been an option for lower middle market transactions."

Steve Denny,

Founder at Innovative Business Advisors

Are you acquiring a new business, and you're overwhelmed by all there is to do and consider?

When it comes to the success of integrating a new business acquisition, most business owners and companies:

Have a great team to help them with the transaction, but lack support after the transaction is complete.

Lack experience with post-merger integration (PMI) or post-merger integration (PAI).

Don't get assistance because the don't know how much assistance they will need, and they perceive that it will be too expensive.

Don't know who the right person is to help them.

Don't begin planning early enough because they are focused on getting the transition done and not what comes after.  

Don't have enough time in the day to handle all the technical details as well as the communications, employee psychology, and power transitions, all while integrating a new culture and learning the business.

Feel nervous that their acquisition will fail.

Make Your Post-Acquisition Integration a Success

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