5 Ps of Successfully Navigating Change- Day 1

There is a common pattern we all experience anytime something changes. Whether good or bad change, change creates the literal and physical release of hormones and neurochemicals. This release is our bodies way of processing the stimulus and we can’t control this (although that is debatable as some monks and yogis have been able to show they can change their physiology) but we can take a few simple steps to prepare for the change and to create the sustainable changes we want to manifest.

Whether it’s a CRM implementation, a weight loss effort, or starting a new job there are 5 Ps that can help you attain long-term success.

We will cover one each day for the next 5 days. I urge you to write down the answers to your questions.
1. Prepare: everything that happens in the physical universe first starts as a thought or an idea. The more you can prepare ahead of time for the change that is going to occur the more likely you’ll know how to handle any situation that arises, thereby increasing your chances of success. When I say prepare I don’t necessarily mean pre-make your food if you are starting a new diet, although that is one example. I think prepare can be more simple. It begins by asking yourself, am I aware of the change I am getting ready to embark on? What are the good things and bad things that may come because of the change? Who are the people around me that can support me during this change? How will this change impact my status, safety, control, relationships, and fairness? What is the 1 action I need to take to feel prepared? I wonder what will it be like after the change is the new normal?

All of life is change. It is how we cope with change that determines our contentment. Are you resisting change? Have you ever stood in the middle of the rushing river? The firmer you plant your feet, and the deeper you go, the stronger the current gets. But if you lift up your feet that same powerful river you were fighting against can really take you places, quickly and effortlessly. Today we spend so much time fighting the river. What if instead we leveraged the power and went with the flow?

Happy changing! 

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