5 Ps of Successfully Navigating Change- Day 5

The final P is perhaps the hardest… perpetuate.

If your like me you’ve got the drive, the willpower, the get up and go but you also have to have stamina.

The reason you are motivated to take action in the first place is because you are trying to move away from something. This is the catalyst to get you going but away movement isn’t directional. You can move away in any direction but to perpetuate the change or habit you also have to be moving towards something. Towards is directional!

Use the away to get you going, use the towards to make it last!

Away is a good start but the reason you can’t sustain change just by moving away is because as soon as you are far enough away from the pain you will stop the behavior or habit.

This is where vision comes in. Knowing where you are trying to go and being able to see the future state will keep you moving toward your desired outcome.

If you decide to drive from NY to California you don’t have to know everyplace the road curves, you only have to be able to see 250ft in front of you, as far as your headlights project. When you see the next curve you take it all the while checking in with your compass that you are still headed west.

In order to be successful in the perpetuate stage go back to the prepare stage and determine what is the next massive imperfect action you need to take to keep you moving towards your destination.

I know you don’t know “how” but you’ve got the why, you’ve got the where, I wonder if today you’ll notice all the next steps you can take to move from away to toward thinking?

May your headlights be your guide today-Happy changing!

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