5 Ps of Successfully Navigating Change- Day 3


Persistence. For me this is perhaps the most challenging of the 5 P’s to success because this is where the resistance starts to set in.

A 2009 study showed it takes anywhere from 18-256 days to adopt a change fully, with the average amount of time being 66 days.

But our culture of instant gratification engrains in us that everything should be done as quickly as possible. The interesting thing is if you try to shortcut 2 or more steps in the change process you will fail. So the goal becomes 1. Be aware you will encounter resistance and 2. Have a plan to move THROUGH that resistance as quickly as possible.

In your change journey there are certain days that statistically have been determined to be the days you’ll most likely give up. The first 3 days you have to use will-power, a decision, a determination to push through. Then again at week 3, weeks 6-8, and weeks 12-13 you may experience resistance.

The brain is literally transforming and there may be times it seems like just when you feel like your on the right track old habits come back. This is because you are experience dissidence. There is a gap between who you are, what you know and where you are trying to go. Your brain is wired to do what it knows, keep you safe, and comfortable… that is why your experience resistance. The key to overcoming resistance is persistence.

Every day, creating microbursts of dopamine, through techniques such as hypnosis, visualization, and affirmations can help you persist in those difficult days as long as you believe them. When you don’t believe, ask different questions. For example, I frequently think “Oh I can’t do that” so instead I ask myself, “Well then, What Can I do?”  If you are really feeling stuck in the monkey chatter try interrupting the thoughts with laughter. Just google something funny and see if it doesn’t shift your focus.

Happy changing!

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