5 Ps of Successfully Navigating Change- Day 2

The next step in adopting any sort of change is PATIENCE.

In a world so obsessed with getting immediate results we have somehow made ourselves feel like failures and created a downward spiral. It is an admirable goal to want to achieve full user adoption within a month of go live or to loose 2 lbs a week but we also need to extend grace to ourselves. Patience is the time and space you need to allow the changes to occur.

Suffering and the anxiety associated with change is often attached to unrealistic expectations that we put on ourselves based on untrue beliefs we’ve made up or assumed as someone else expected of us. I am not saying we shouldn’t set timelines or targets. In fact it is proven vague goals get vague results but what if we changed the question? What if instead of focusing on how quickly we could get the change to occur we asked:

I wonder if the timing will happen exactly the way I need it to? I wonder if I am as patient with myself as I am with others how I would talk to myself differently?

Happy changing!

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