User Adoption – Benchmarking

There are a lot of articles about user adoption and almost all of them will tell you being clear on the business objective you are trying to achieve, communicating well and often and having executive leadership buy in are the ingredients for success.

I agree but we all know what is measured, is what gets improved so you have to find ways to measure and report on user adoption.

Much like taking a trip, in order to determine if a change management plan is working you have to start off by knowing 2 things:

  1. Where you are starting  and
  2.  Where you are going

Benchmarking is a way of discovering what is the best performance being achieved – whether in a particular company, by a competitor or by an entirely different industry. This information can then be used to identify gaps in an organization’s processes in order to achieve a competitive advantage.

Here are the 10 steps I follow when helping a company benchmark for CRM User adoption:

  1. Select product, service, or process (This seems obvious but there are lots of ways to mess this up so I wrote a separate blog just for common mistakes people make on this step!)
  2. Identify KPI’s that align to project business objectives (Want some good suggestions for CRM user adoption metrics? Check out my KPI’s blog)
  3. Define comparisons- other companies, departments, or timeframes
  4. Define a schedule for measurement (Check out my what schedule gets the best results!)
  5. Pick the tools & reporting mechanisms
  6. Develop questions or report
  7. Collect data
  8. Analyze data- identify areas of opportunity for improvement
  9. Establish new goals and rinse, wash, and repeat starting back with step 2
  10. Develop plan of action if metrics aren’t on track

Benefits of benchmarking:

  • Creates a culture of organizational learning
  • Improves performance
  • Gain strategic advantage
  • Improves employee engagement and retention because it is objective and provides the clarity and security people are looking for

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