Plus Delta 314

Teaching, inspiring and supporting
change in an empowering way


They say “Change is HARD…”

We say, “It doesn’t have to be!”

Do you:

  • Worry about spending an excessive amount of time and money implementing a new system only to have to spend another small fortune to get people to use it?
  • Want to ensure the technology you are implementing will serve your employees rather than frustrate them?
  • Fear that your team members feel confused, lost, or frustrated?


Our approach to user adoption helps you prepare for and execute a change program that works!

Why Plus Delta 314?

Plus Delta stands for Positive Change. 314 stands for 3 nails, 1 cross, 4 you. This name was designed specifically to drive users toward exactly what they are trying to accomplish – positive change. The 314 pays homage to the glorification of the one who gives us the power to accomplish the change.

You don’t have to be a Christian to use our services, but we will live our lives and operate our business on the scriptural tenants found in the Bible. Our goal is to live our lives for the Glory of God and if you see something unique in who we are, or how we do business, and want to know why and how we are different, we will tell you the story of the gospel.


Defining what successful user adoption looks like, identifying barriers to adoption, monitoring and rewarding usage of the system, and developing feedback loops and ongoing engagement are all keys to success.


Understanding the emotional and belief barriers users face is a crucial component to unlocking the innate powers of Customer Relationship Management softare, and we’ll help you get there.


We’ll teach you best practices use of organizational change management, communication, psychology and related studies, and show you how to marry them with the latest technologies.